My boys love seeing Annette.  She easily connects with them and they feel comfortable around her. As a parent, I appreciate that she explains and teaches me as she is treating my children.  She relates to my boys in kid friendly terms, yet is forthright in what she explains to them and me.

One of my boys has shared that he doesn't like to see doctors but he likes to see Annette and his chiropractor "because they are the only ones that actually help me." He lets me know when he "needs a tune up" as he calls it and reports feeling better after having a session.

As a parent I have noticed the impact that Annette's gifts and skills have had on my children and myself.  She has done in person and distance sessions and both are equally effective. I appreciate her gift of being able to blend Reiki with CST and also apply her intuitive skills; this has helped to clear, calm, and ground all of us.

We are thankful for Annette's kind and caring presence in our lives.

 Mom of 3 active boys


Annette Smith is a gifted practitioner who has significantly helped on our son, and has also helped our younger twin boys.  Our son is eight years old and is a very intense child, with strong emotions and impulses.  I would find myself asking, "where is this all coming from?” and what is provoking him?

So with the help of Annette's healing touch and intuition that is very evident during the session, our son is much more "present" and I’m able to "reach" him and find him and talk him through his emotions.  Before our work with Annette, I felt like I was at a loss.  At the beginning of our work together I would be in the room with them, witnessing the beautiful interplay between the two of them, and watching the transformation of spirit calm take place.  As the relationship evolved, our son and Annette worked together on their own, it was "their time" together, a natural progression of maturity and growth.  I trust Annette's natural ability in this area of healing and touch, a combination of years of study, practice, and observation, blended with her giftedness from the heavenly realms.  I highly recommend working with Annette as a parenting partner who can help with the love journey you are on with your child.



I am so lucky and grateful that our paths crossed in this lifetime. Annette has a great gift to help, heal and clear the unwanted energies that we carry or attract without knowing it, and the past lives we may be still connected with. She is knowledgeable with many tools. I feel that is what makes her healing work a success. Most importantly, Annette is a Mother and a teacher so she easily connects with kids and understands the life of a parent, especially those with challenging (aka spirited) children. 


She has been a tremendous healer for myself and especially for my girls who are six and three years old now. Because of Annette's talents and gifts my oldest child is thriving. My husband and I know when Annette does a long distance session for the girls because we both see the difference on the girls RIGHT AWAY. 


Annette's work is very unique and a continuous work for her clients, like my family, because we are like onions and we have many layers to reveal. We need to be emotionally in tune with our kids and ourselves and pay attention what Annette has to say and implement the suggestions she is giving to make this really effective. 

 If you ever have a baby that is trouble nursing, fussy or you know something is up but can’t figure it out what. If you ever have thoughts like “my kid is driving me nuts, I can't take this anymore”, or thinking having a child is not fun and “why is it so difficult?” or “why is my child acting this way?” please give Annette a call. 


I have been there and Annette is a gem. Welcoming Annette into your life is finding that special diamond that you have been looking for all of this time. Look no more! Thank you Annette for who you are!  



I started seeing Annette when my daughter was about 3 months old. She was already demonstrating some plagiocephaly on the right side of her head and I wanted it corrected fast! I was recommended to Annette by a friend who was also seeing her for her newborn son. After many months (my daughter is almost 11 months old now), her head is rounding out nicely! I didn't believe in the usage of helmet to correct her head's structure as I believed it was something internally going on that needed expertise. Annette's craniosacral therapy work on my daughter was exactly what she needed. Not only does my daughter enjoy seeing Annette but Annette has helped her with her head shape, a more regular bowel program, and helping with painful latches during breastfeeding. Her energy work integrated with this craniosacral therapy is exactly what my daughter needed. We are so happy that we found her! 



I've had the pleasure of having Annette treat me on a few different occasions. She has such a warm and affable manner which is appreciated when explaining CST and Reiki; both new to me. I appreciate her providing me explanations, resources and insight while she is treating me. I have enjoyed my time with Annette and look forward to future healing sessions with her.



Annette Smith's healing has helped me tremendously!  I had unexplained ear pain that would not go away, even with traditional pain medicine.  She was able to clear the energy just like that!  I felt better immediately and it never came back.  When I was confused about my career path, I contacted her.  She was able to clear negativity that was holding me back.  What's so remarkable about this healing is that another healer supposedly identified and cleared this energy block a month before.  If you're actively working to improve your life and need some guidance, contact Annette!